Spring Refresh: A 30 Day Challenge [Pt. 3]



Spring Refresh Pt 3

We’re over half way through our Spring Refresh challenge. (If you’ve missed our first two weeks, make sure to check out week 1 here and week 2 here). On Week 3 of our Spring Refresh Challenge, we’re focusing on detail areas that can be done in less than 1 hour. From your makeup bag to tote bag and car console, let’s get to work!

Day 18: Wipe down baseboards, light fixtures and ceiling fan blades.
These are tasks that often get overlooked because we aren’t always looking up or down, but can make a great impact on indoor air quality and the feel of your space. Plus you don’t realize how much dust and grime accumulates over time.

Day 19: Tackle the car console.

It’s time to tackle our second home – the car. We know it can become a catch all with random items. Pull everything out and throw items that need to go to the trash, recycle or be distributed back to various areas of the home. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior. For organizing the trunk, we love these expandable storage bins and a mini cordless vacuum that is powered through the cigarette outlet in the car. I keep a container of Clorox wipes in my center console and use the time in the car wash or at a really long light to wipe down my dash.

Pro tip: When refueling your car, do a quick sweep for trash and wipe down the dash. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish while at the pump!

Day 20: Clean and organize makeup storage

With daily use, it’s easy for makeup storage to become cluttered and disordered over time. If using acrylic organizers for makeup storage, we recommend cleaning with gentle soapy water and a damp rag on a regular basis (this is also a good time to dispose of expired makeup which is our day 23 task!). If opting for cloth bags and pouches, run through a gentle cycle in the washer or spot clean with a damp rag.

We really like the Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System for countertop makeup/product organizing as you can mix and match the pieces to accommodate most anything you have. Use the top for your taller and frequently used items!

Day 21: Organize the shower and recycle unused bottles.

This is one of our favorite quick projects this week and makes a massive difference within your space! Recycle empty bottles, toss the soaps you don’t like, give the storage spot a good scrub! If storage is at a premium, we like this Simple Human tension shower caddy for extra storage space.

Consider going zero waste with these solid shampoo and conditioner bars, or using refillable bottles from a zero waste shop.

Day 22: Organize your financial statements.

It’s no secret that papers can stack up. Whether it’s bank statements or financial investment reports, you might find yourself in the thick of receipts and a paper trail. Touch base with your accountant for best practices for digitally storing your documents. If you need items digitized, we recommend using apps like MileIQ or Shoebox for tracking expenses and mileage. Clean up digital files with folders labeled by the year and place necessary information like tax returns, receipts, and investment details within folders for backups and yearly copies (off the cloud or shared workspace.) For quick scanning, use TinyScanner app.

Pro tip: Are you someone who completes most of your transactions online? Create a subfolder within your mailbox titled “Receipts.” Drag all purchases for receipts here yearly and you will have a folder to quickly pass off to your accountant.

Day 23: Edit your makeup.

Did you know that makeup can expire in as little as 3 months? Mascara and eyeliner are the prime examples of this and are the ones most likely to cause issues. The rest of your makeup bag should be good for up to a year, with the exception of powder blush and lipstick which expire at 2 years. Check out these guidelines for when to toss old makeup (might be sooner than you think!).

Pro tip: Do you love natural beauty products instead? Remember they will have a smaller shelf life as their ingredients have less preservatives and stabilizers. Make sure to check product packaging for expiration.

Day 24: Sort and edit your everyday tote.

Tote bags make it easy to keep your daily essentials on hand. With 1 large compartment, they can quickly become another space needing organization. Start by sorting through your bag. What items need to be recycled? Are there items that have a permanent spot within your home or office? Are there items that need to go to the trash? Now that you’ve done the hard work, keep things tidy with these viral sticky balls. Place in the bottom of your tote bag and as they roll around, they pick up loose dirt and crumbs with ease.

For large totes, adding an organizer within can be super effective like this felt version designed for the LV Neverfull. We also love individual bags to corral groups of contents which can be as basic as a ziploc or any clear or mesh storage bag.

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P.S. Show off your hard work and join the Spring Refresh Challenge! Pick at least 1 item to complete and tag @afreshspace on Instagram to post your results.