Mindful Gifts for the Holidays

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I love the holiday season for so many reasons! It is magical to be able to spend time with family and friends, work slows down just a touch where I can have some time to regroup for the new year, and it’s an awesome time to take stock of what I have and what I am doing with my time.

Six tips for organizing holiday decorations!

Organizing Holiday Decorations

Well, the holidays are upon us and my guess is that by now you’ve hauled out all of your boxes and bags full of ornaments, lawn decor, lights, wrapping paper and more! How did that go for you?

After the holidays…declutter your decorations!

Now that the holidays are behind us, let’s talk about your holiday decor! While I’m personally not a big fan of
decorating for the holidays, a lot of my clients are and I’ve done my share of organizing ornaments, spray foamed trees, wreaths, wrapping paper & bows, angels, garland, and lights.

Friends Don’t Give Friends Clutter For Christmas

An off the cuff tweet has morphed into a full blown post about clutter and the holidays!  In fact, my tweet “Friends don’t give friends clutter for Christmas” was Rubbermaid’s “Tweet of the Week“! I was at TJ Maxx today looking for some tights to go with a dress for an upcoming holiday party and […]