Mindful Gifts for the Holidays



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Mindful Gifts for the Holidays

Mindful Gifts for the Holidays

I love the holiday season for so many reasons! It is magical to be able to spend time with family and friends, work slows down just a touch where I can have some time to regroup for the new year, and it’s an awesome time to take stock of what I have and what I am doing with my time.

When the new year hits, though, we start getting so many calls from people who are feeling overwhelmed with the volume of clutter they have that has just exploded after the holidays! Part of the issue is that so many of us don’t regularly go through what we already own and get rid of things. So more piles on top of what we currently have in our spaces.

But even assuming you do edit regularly, and you are like me as someone who doesn’t like to bring things in my home that I’m not purposefully choosing to be there, there is still the risk of unwanted items making their way in to your space!

A few mindful things that can really help:


  • Do not hit the sales unless it’s something you truly need or want!
  • Be really mindful about what you choose to let into your home.
  • Give (and request to receive) gifts that are not physical items!


It can be hard to consume less especially during times where it is expected to give and receive gifts.


I’ve encouraged clients to say things like “This year we have committed to bringing less into our home. Because of that, we would love it if you would only gift us consumable items or experiences to help us with this.” or “Our new home doesn’t have as much storage so this year, we would greatly appreciate it if any gifts are something we can consume or experience – ideally with you!”

Some suggestions for non-stuff , mindful gifts (feel free to copy & paste!):


  • Wine
  • Chocolates
  • Dinners in or out
  • Subscriptions to Audible or Spotify or other virtual sites
  • Theater tickets (movies or live)
  • Concert tickets
  • Subscriptions to local venues like the zoo, botanical gardens or planetariums
  • Activities such laser tag or golf or tours
  • Sponsor kids activities for the year like gymnastics or piano lessons
  • Start or add to a college fund
  • Gift certificates for services like car washes, house cleaning or organizing (we’d love to help!)


Elf(a) on the Shelf?

Don’t worry! We’re NOT talking about THAT elf, but we ARE talking Elfa Shelves.  We love this time of year for all of the holiday cheer AND because it brings one of the best sales that The Container Store has. Starting December 18th, 2019 – Elfa is 30% off! We repeat, 30% off! And do you know how much we love designing and installing Elfa? We. LOVE. It.
We’d especially love to help you take advantage of the upcoming sale.

If you are in the Nashville area – message us right away to set up a consultation to measure your space and get your design in motion. 

This can be a stand alone process or combined with our amazing organizing services so your space (or spaces!) functions to perfection once it’s completed. Our in house Elfa installer can not only install, but prep and paint your space to give it a fresh look.

Book by the 18th and we’ll throw in custom vinyl labels for your whole project! Check out some of our recent Elfa projects below!



Friendly Reminder…

Time slots for our holiday take-down services are filling fast! While it’s loads of fun to decorate for the holidays, taking it all down in an organized manner for the next year is never quite as magical, right? AFS specializes in not only carefully taking down all of your decor, but we also sort it and edit it with you, making sure it’s all properly stored away and labeled so that next year’s decorating feels like a breeze 

Picture yourself super relaxed the next time a holiday rolls around and you’re just waltzing in to your holiday storage zone and immediately grabbing what you need because it is all tidy and labeled! Magic! 


Space is limited, call 615-509-1933 or email us today to book your Holiday Take-Down with AFS.