Follow through…part way is just not enough

letter sealed with wax stamp

I recently got a facebook message from my cousin asking if I’d mailed a check for something I had purchased from her shop when we were visiting out of town. I said, of course I had mailed it! I mean, I’m organized.

3 simple tips to having a better day

The times I’m late & frazzled are the times when I think I can get so much more done than I have time for. Just one more load of wash, one more email, tweet an oh so witty observation, run just one quick errand before I have to be somewhere.

Don’t just stand there!

dishwasher and oven

A few months ago, I got really irritated with my husband. He put something in the microwave to heat up and then just, well, stood there. Waiting for it. I just wanted to say, ‘you know, it’s not going
anywhere and while you are waiting, why not fill the dog dish?’

Applying Dave Ramsey to your task list . . .

dave ramsey logo

I was chatting with Landon Loveall yesterday when we were doing an interview for his new referral network, 30Referrals (see the interview here), and the conversation turned to how many of my small business clients have multiple, ongoing projects that can get overwhelming.

time saving post from The Organizing Mama (aka Stacey Crew)!

Stacey Crew, The Mommy & Me expert on, did a nice blog post this morning on Mrs. Organized’s blog about time saving tricks for Moms. I am quoted as well, so I thought I’d repost with a link here on my blog: Time-Saving Tips for Mommies Even though I’m good at what I do, […]

less is more . . . and breathing is good

I work with a lot of clients who have trouble remembering things, or misplace their stuff. I always tell them that it is pretty normal to do this – even us <professionals have had this happen. But the longer I do this, and the more I streamline my life, the more I realize that the […]

To Facebook or Not To Facebook . . . That Is The Question.

I’ve been invited to join Facebook about a dozen times over the last few weeks. “Friend” me, they say. Some actually are friends, some are business acquaintances, some relatives. I keep wondering – do I give myself a “face” or not. At this point, I’m thinking not. My friend, Angela, keeps asking why not so […]

project folders save the day

Anyone that I’ve ever worked with in their office knows that I love project folders. I’ve had many clients say “well, I don’t have any projects”. Oh yes, you do. Everyone has projects – you just call them by a different name. It can be an event you are helping with like a charity auction […]

tis the season . . .

for shopping, baking, wrapping, traveling, hosting, consuming, and more and more and more. Give some thought this holiday season to what will happen to all of the stuff after the holidays, and your level of enjoyment while doing all that many of us feel needs to be done at this time of year. If decorating […]