tis the season . . .


Liz Jenkins


for shopping, baking, wrapping, traveling, hosting, consuming, and more and more and more. Give some thought this holiday season to what will happen to all of the stuff after the holidays, and your level of enjoyment while doing all that many of us feel needs to be done at this time of year. If decorating your yard so you can see it from space (as my delightful next door neighbor lady does) is what makes your season – then knock yourself out. But if it’s a chore and you only do it because of what the neighbors might think – then don’t. Just don’t do it. What’s the worst that can happen?

This year, I didn’t decorate my house. I didn’t send out Christmas cards. I didn’t buy any new ornaments. I didn’t go overboard on presents. I’m calm (well, as calm as a Type A such as myself can be) and I’m pretty much done with what I’m going to do. So now I have time to bake cookies with my daughter with our new heart shaped cookie cutter, and make art for the grandparents. Time to host some gatherings with our friends, and have a glass of wine with my husband.

My choice isn’t any better or worse than anyone else, but it’s what works for me. And if I’m happy, then those around me will be as well. What’s that old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy”?

So do what’s good for you this year – just what really makes you happy, and bag the rest. If someone in your family really wants something – let them do it themselves. Set some limits and make the most of what really matters.