5 ways to finally organize your garage


Liz Jenkins


Have a garage? Is it organized? We are here to help!

Garages are often the last place people take the time to organize which is really a shame because so many times you walk through it every day. A disorganized garage can really set the tone when you leave or come home or when you are trying to do something garage related and you can’t find what you need. No fear – use these tips to get your garage in great shape for the summer!

Gather up your supplies! We like to have several folding tables on hand to save your back, plus contractor grade trash bags since typical bags will rip on you. Gloves and masks can often be helpful depending on how dusty or grungy it is in there. Plus stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you are working out into the driveway!

1. Group Like with Like

Put all the garden items together, the camping gear, sports items, car care, etc. *Ideally on a sunny day – this is kind of a bummer to do in the rain…

garage bins with sorted contents

2. Get rid of what you don’t need

Often it’s hard to really organize if you haven’t edited the things you own – you don’t need to spend time finding homes for things you don’t actually want!

3. Create zones

Typically we’ll set up the following: sports, camping, garden, holiday, utility, and tools. You may have other needs – just be sure to make a spot where all of the items can be together and easily accessible.

4. Get things off the floor

Add shelving (free standing or a wall system like Elfa), and wall tracks for bikes or garden tools. 

elfa garage system

5. Think outside the box

We’ve often created mini mud rooms for coats & boots, or ‘Costco’ storage zones for bulk purchases. Once you’ve cleared the space – you may find you’ve got room to store things that may be cluttering up your home as well!

When you do all of this – it can also be a great time to pressure wash the floors and slap on a coat of paint to really freshen it up. Your garage can be a fully functioning member of your household when it is organized and clean. You’ll want to spend time there when it looks this good! Need some help and you are in the Nashville area? Give us a call – we can make your dream garage a reality!