The Key to finding Clarity and Focus When You’re Feeling Stuck




The Key to finding Clarity and Focus When You’re Feeling Stuck

Recently, for some reason, I found myself feeling in a bit of a rut. Kind of lost my spark and was having trouble focusing on getting things done. My husband laughs at me because he says that even on my really bad days, I’m still more productive than most people on their best. But for me – it’s not just about producing – it’s not only about feeling like I’ve gotten done what I want to, but more that I’m able to be creative and think things through clearly. I want to share my key to finding clarity and focus when you’re feeling stuck.

So, what did we do?

We organized the attic, of course! The heavens parted and golden light shined upon us! Ok, not really! But it was amazing how much clearer my brain felt!

I hadn’t realized that the clutter from our last move (that had all ended up in the attic) was weighing on me. I couldn’t find my birth certificate, which I needed in order to get the new Real ID for traveling. Couldn’t find it, but I knew it was in a bin up there. And I wanted to prep for holiday decorating but the boxes were piled up. Ugh. Zero clarity and impossible to focus.

Physical clutter can affect our mental clarity and focus!

The attic wasn’t terrible – we just hadn’t been able to pay attention to it. With all the work we were doing on the house, it became a dumping ground for our existing stuff and renovation projects. While this may not seem like a big deal to most people, it is. I also think most people don’t realize how the physical clutter of a space really impacts our mental state. (Whether or not it is actively visible).

The hot mess hiding in a drawer is a clarity killer

We work with so many clients in spaces like their home offices which may initially appear to be organized but then when a cabinet or drawer is opened – they are just a hot mess (a very technical term).. It’s virtually impossible to be productive when you can’t find anything you need. So you end up ignoring it and then clutter piles up outside of those spaces and slowly creeps into your visible space. And you know it’s there.

It’s like a weight on your brain, a nagging itchy feeling that something needs to be done. This keeps our attention from fully focusing on what we need to do – and what we want to do. It’s a bit of paralysis and that fog in our brains makes it hard to relax or sleep.

The act of organizing the space often creates an opening that is invigorating and re-energizing. This space allows clarity and focus to flow easily back in where it belongs.

Making space for new ideas and thoughts

It’s funny because it’s not necessarily about the space itself – it’s also about getting something done that is concrete and visible. It’s like your brain resets itself when something has been checked off the list – leaving space for new ideas and thoughts.

If you are feeling a bit off – why not organize the junk drawer? Or clean out a closet? Creating one space that feels really finished may get rid of that mental block you have – and possibly inspire you to do more organizing around the place. 

So many of our clients are inspired when we get areas done around their home that they send us pictures of spaces they’ve gone on to organize on their own – and how it makes them feel. Totally makes my day when that happens! 

Need some ideas of where you might start to reclaim your own clarity and focus?

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