Tips and techniques for staging a home for sale.

Organize your home to sell…save time & money!

Tips for organizing your home to sell.
Planning on selling your house in the near, or not so near, future? Getting organized now can make a huge difference when listing and selling. Not only will your home show better but it will save you time and money when packing to move. Plus, when you unpack at […]

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Flowers & ferns: Grab your buyers attention when selling!

I can’t stress enough how much a great first impression impacts your odds of selling your home. I always recommend things like painting the front door, pressure washing away the grime, replacing door hardware & exterior lights, and putting out a fresh welcome mat. But one thing that is often overlooked is the appeal of […]

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Don't forget about your pantry when selling . . . so eat up!

I know, I know, you have to eat when you are selling your house.  But when prospective buyers come in and see a jammed, crammed, chaotic pantry…this isn’t the best impression you can give.  Even if you have a tiny pantry, you can make it appear more spacious with de-cluttering (just like your closet), bins […]

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To Garden or Not To Garden…That Is The Question (when selling)

I was consulting with a staging client last week, and she was lamenting that she wasn’t able to put in her tomatoes this year because they were selling the house.  I asked her why not, and she said that she didn’t think it would look good to buyers.  I didn’t agree and here’s why:

if a […]

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Want to update crappy formica countertops on a tight budget AND be eco-friendly? Check this out!

This post is courtesy of Dana Tucker of Bell & Tucker.  Dana & I had coffee recently in downtown Franklin, and were chatting about how to make homes look great when they go on the market.  But we both know that sellers (or really any of us) don’t want to spend a fortune on a […]

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Dogs & home showings are a bad combination!

I love my dog.  She’s great.  Sweet, well mannered and not too smelly for a lab.  But come near my house, and all bets are off. 
You probably love your dog too.  Maybe you think that she’s so cute that anyone looking at your house will just be enthralled with her.  Or that buyers won’t notice […]

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Shiny Brass = Kiss of Death

It’s everywhere, that shiny brass!  You see it on doorknobs, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, faucets and more.  When I do staging consults, recommending that people update their fixtures and doorknobs is one of my key points.  Nothing says, “lowball me” or “this house hasn’t been updated” like a pitted, tarnished, shiny (or not so shiny […]

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Thinking of burying a St. Joseph statue? Go green with EcoJoe!

One of the women I’m on twitter with (@cindylinsf) sells a product called “EcoJoe”.  For some reason I always thought it was something to do with hemp, t-shirts or coffee, never having actually looked at her website.  She’s fun to tweet with, is a home stager and that was about it. But a recent tweet […]

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Stinky smells in a home for sale & my quotes in The Tennessean yesterday . . .

I had a nice call last month from a local reporter doing a story about smells in a home for sale.  It’s a major concern in a lot of houses.  Smells are one of the biggest turn offs for so many buyers and one of the things that home owners rarely address primarily because, well, […]

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Bills, Pills & Gold Records: Identity & safety concerns when selling.

I’ve had the “deer in the headlights” look from clients so many times when I explain to them the need for privacy in their home when it is on the market.  I don’t want to scare them, but it is really important to de-personalize the house.  Not just for helping a potential buyer see the […]

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