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Garage Organizing

Our Top Tips For Organizing Your Garage!

Thinking about getting your garage organized – finally? The garage is usually the last place people think about having organized but honestly, it is really impactful when it is tidy and clean. Think about it – it’s usually the last place you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you come home. If it is a hot mess, then that is not a great way to start or end your day! Wouldn’t it be great to head into summer with a perfectly organized and tidy garage? We think so!

Tips for the easiest garage organization:

  • create zones along the walls or in any niches or closets such as garden, tools, sports, utility, etc.
  • use sturdy containers to hold items – and use matching or coordinating bins to reduce visual chaos
  • if storing items that could potentially be damaged by moisture or insects – use weathertight totes with a gasket seal
  • maximize the vertical space with free standing shelving, wall mounted tracks, or ceiling mounted storage racks
  • when zoning your items – think in terms of accessibility – how frequently you need to access it determines where it should be located
    • holiday items can be stored up high or tucked away since these are only used once a year
    • coolers and chairs you take to every kids sporting even should be on a middle shelf or hanging up near the car for easy loading
    • tools & utility items should be at waist or eye level ideally near the home entry door for quick grabs
    • lighter items that aren’t used all the time like patio cushions or coolers should be up on top shelves or in overhead storage
  • label everything so you know what goes where – we like to use large labels that contrast with the bin color for easier visibility

Note: if the day is going to be really hot – be sure to stay hydrated, set up fans and wear sunscreen! We’ve learned from experience that these things are important to our health!

garage organizing tool storage

If you are going all out to get your garage organization done, do what we do:

  • set up folding tables, tarps and bins to sort into
  • gather up contractor bags for trash, sharpies & post it notes for labeling, and clear bags or cardboard boxes to collect donation items
  • pull everything out and group like with like
  • once you’ve got everything in the right category – subsort into smaller groups if needed *this is especially important with hardware
  • edit each of the categories and determine what stays and goes
  • take everything you don’t want for donation or queue up for sale
  • bin and label everything you are keeping *tip: we typically use Hefty Hi-Rise bins or weathertight totes
  • set up shelving & install wall tracks (wall tracks are great for bikes, yard tools, chairs, and more)
  • place items in their zones
  • step back and admire your tidy & organized space!

Note: scheduling a junk pickup at the end of the day can be really motivating and a great way to clear clutter. Nashville peeps, reach out to our friends over at Junk Drop!

Is the idea of garage organization too daunting?

If this feels like too much to handle – give us a shout! Typical garages can be completed in 1-2 days plus installation of any needed shelving or tracks. It can feel overwhelming but when you’ve got a dedicated and experienced team focusing on your space – it’s amazing how quickly it can turn around!

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