Move Yourself Forward With Self-Grace

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck? Maybe there’s something in your life that you want to fix or improve, but you don’t know how or where to even begin. This is something we encounter often with our organizing clients, and as professional organizers, we’re here to help people get “unstuck.”

It often turns out that […]

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Is Shopping Getting in Your Way?

In our commercialized society, shopping has become so much more than just purchasing the things we need to survive. For many of us, it’s a means of entertainment, and the “thrill of the hunt” keeps us coming back for more. While it’s certainly okay to enjoy shopping, it’s also easy for some shopping behaviors and […]

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Little Things that Make a Big Difference

As busy people, we often think in terms of tackling big projects and huge lifestyle changes in one fell swoop. But I have found that big changes in our lifestyle, habits, and behavior are, more often than not, the result of lots of little changes. Over time, you’ll be surprised that even the little things […]

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Between Homes – How to Have a Stress-Free Move

The following guest post is brought to you courtesy of writer Jeff Brown.

Moving into a new house brings forth many emotions: excitement, sadness, and often, anxiety. You’re ready to move to a new place, but sad that you’re leaving your current home. With that comes a lot of stress. However, with the proper process, you […]

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Hoarders: A Fresh Space Hits the Small Screen

Here at A Fresh Space, we typically work with busy working professionals and families creating systems and stylish spaces. Or, we help people move households or offices in a smooth, organized fashion. Recently, however, we had the opportunity to work with Standolyn Robertson and the A&E hit show Hoarders. While the team at AFS is […]

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A Fresh (and Organized) New Year

It’s a brand new year, and last year was a bit– shall we say– turbulent! This year, let’s take a few steps into being a bit more thoughtful and mindful about our lives and our spaces.

At A Fresh Space, we believe that while a big project can be awfully satisfying, smaller accomplishments can be […]

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Gift Wrap Organization Done Right

Ahh, the season of giving. No matter what holiday your family celebrates, you just might find yourself wrapping a few gifts this year. I don’t know about you, but it can be a bit overwhelming to manage the gifts that go along with all the different events of the season. 

Every little way you can streamline […]

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The Tiny Wardrobe Tour Comes to Nashville

When Courtney Carver travels, she takes her entire wardrobe along.

Wait, what?! How? Does she haul a giant trailer with a closet inside? Does she fly with the biggest suitcase allowed on a plane? Nope.

Actually, she travels with only a carry-on bag, because her entire wardrobe consists of only 33 items. In 2010, Courtney created Project […]

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Prepare for the Holiday Season the Easy Way!

Whether you’re overjoyed about them or dreading them, the holidays are almost upon us! Maybe the family time and festivities has you excited, or maybe the logistics feel overwhelming. Either way, it’s time to prepare for the holiday season! A few simple organizing tricks will ensure you enjoy every minute of it.

Here are a few […]

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Habits of an Organized Family

Keeping yourself organized is one thing, but having an organized family is an entirely different task.

If you’re struggling with keeping your home in order with several people running in and out of it every day, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Whether your family consists of two people or nine, or whether there’s one generation or […]

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