In the moment with U2

taking a video on phone at concert

My husband and I went to see U2 at Vanderbilt Stadium last Saturday night – it was one of the most fantastic shows I’ve seen. Not only was the stage setup amazing, these guys can still rock it with the best of them.

recovering from a minor “disaster”

Last night we were invited to go over to a friend’s for dinner. My contribution was bread, and dessert. My daughter and I love to bake and we do it often – we get a lot of use out of the KitchenAid mixer. She chose to make a buttermilk chocolate cake so we tried out […]

19th century William Morris quote – still works for me!

I was reading Wallpaper magazine recently – it’s a great way to get my fix of cool, hip “stuff” that I’d never buy since I have no room nor need for any more “stuff”. There was a page highlighting neat things for a hallway and embedded in one of the sections was a quote by […]