Book Review: 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home by Tisha Morris

bedroom feng shui

Funny how the ancient art of feng shui and the current passion for decluttering and getting organized collide, especially in Tisha Morris’ book 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home . Tisha lives here in the Nashville area, which is how we met, but her book speaks to us all.

Your first meeting with a Professional Organizer…doing it right. (part 2)

organized happy home and life book

So now you are all set to meet with me, or your newly acquired Professional Organizer, to get yourself all organized.

You’ve got the ground rules (see Part 1 of this series) but now what? Now we get together for our meeting so I can get to know you, and figure out the best way to help you achieve your organizing goals.

Don’t just stand there!

dishwasher and oven

A few months ago, I got really irritated with my husband. He put something in the microwave to heat up and then just, well, stood there. Waiting for it. I just wanted to say, ‘you know, it’s not going
anywhere and while you are waiting, why not fill the dog dish?’

‘Where The Fack Is My Pack’ continues its journey . . . .

labrador with dog pack

Delanie over at Write At The Moment had a serious ‘what the . . . ? ‘ moment recently when she unearthed an UNUSED dog backpack she’d had over 5 years.  While, as a professional organizer, this doesn’t really surprise me (oh my, if I shared some of the things I find with clients!)

Embrace Your Clutter. . .Release The Guilt

A lot of my clients have a lot of stuff. Some are really motivated to let things go and lighten up their life. They see the benefits in having fewer possessions weighing them down – less to maintain – less to clean. But some of my clients really do love their stuff.

How Many Bottles Of Salad Dressing Are In Your Pantry?

Pantry Organization made simple… I recently organized a pantry with a client and she had a lot of bottles of salad dressings & marinades. A lot. She kept buying them because she couldn’t tell how many she already had, and, you know, they were on sale. I see this often – not just in pantries […]

Org Junkie “Command Central” Round Up

Org Junkie (one of my favorite bloggers) is doing a round up of “Command Central” ideas. I haven’t done a post on this recently so I thought I’d participate. It’s a great way for people to gather ideas – after all – everyone is different and has different needs but there are many similarities. The […]

tiny bathroom :: storage needed

Small Bathroom Needs More Storage Space: Check Out My Solution! I was reading a great post (as usual) by Org Junkie and ended up coming up with an idea for my own post while commenting on hers. She was talking about organizing her bathroom (cosmetics, hair products, etc.). I had tossed out my thoughts on […]

What’s important to YOU is what you should do . . .

I don’t send holiday cards. I don’t send birthday cards. Nor do I send cards for any occasion other than when I want to communicate via a personal note. This is because I don’t really care if I receive cards, and because I suck at remembering dates like birthdays (forgot my husband’s birthday last year […]