Rethinking Garage Organization

monkey bars overhead storage

Garage organization can be overwhelming. When it comes to storage and organization solutions there are lots of obstacles and intimidations involved. Most homeowners have a set idea of what the garage should be, perfect and orderly.

Mise en Place: Productivity Redefined

mise en place ingredients

“Mise en place” is a French term that describes a practice employed in the culinary world. Simply meaning “put in place”, it is a rule that chefs live by and follow with militant discipline.

Tips for Photo Organizing – Q&A with Julie Berry

In this technologically advanced day in age, your photos from the past several years are likely housed on your phone or computer. But, odds are good that you still have plenty of remnants left from before the digital age.

Six Steps to Organize Your Make-Up!

organized cosmetics

Organize your makeup to save you time (and money).

Want a quick organizing project with an immediate payoff? Try organizing your cosmetics!

5 Tips for an Organized Space – Guest Post

organized pantry shelf

If you find yourself misplacing items, losing your keys or having a hard time staying organized, now is the time to establish order. When life gets chaotic, organization is your best defense.

Monkey Bar Storage – Bike Rack Review

final bike rack installed

I recently found myself in possession of a 4-bike storage rack from Monkey Bar Storage. Which was a fortuitous turn of events, because am also in possession of several bikes parked on the floor in my garage. And they are a frequent source of frustration.

Organizing Myth: Bins and Labels Make You Organized

kiva storage bins

Having a bunch of organizing products does not mean you are organized. It just means you have a lot of organizing products!

You know I love my organizing tools & products. Bins, drawer organizers, baskets, labels…it all makes me happy.

Six tips for organizing holiday decorations!

Organizing Holiday Decorations

Well, the holidays are upon us and my guess is that by now you’ve hauled out all of your boxes and bags full of ornaments, lawn decor, lights, wrapping paper and more! How did that go for you?