Do you have too many shoes? Maybe….

Can you ever have too many shoes (or here in Nashville, too many boots)? That depends. As a Professional Organizer I almost feel obligated to encourage paring down and letting go. But, honestly, I love shoes.

Moving in together? Read this first!

Getting married? Moving in together? Combining two households into one? This is for you! I had a recent twitter query regarding organizing tips for a soon-to-be-married couple and tweeted back that there was way more information I could share than in a few tweets.

Summer is coming…are you ready?

With all of the structure and activities during the school year, having weeks upon weeks looming upon you can be intimidating. But don’t stress! Use these tips to help make transitioning to summer just a bit easier.

New Organizer Training! Thursday, April 4 2013

ywca logo

What: A day long training and hands on organizing session to not only help out a great organization by getting their new kitchens organized but a terrific way to get some hands on experience or simply share your skills.

And the papers never stop….

pile of papers

You know that flood of papers you get pretty much daily? The mail, the bills, the free newspaper you pick up, the catalogs, the kids
permission slips & homework, the wedding invitation, the coupon flyers, etc.

After the holidays…declutter your decorations!

Now that the holidays are behind us, let’s talk about your holiday decor! While I’m personally not a big fan of
decorating for the holidays, a lot of my clients are and I’ve done my share of organizing ornaments, spray foamed trees, wreaths, wrapping paper & bows, angels, garland, and lights.

Follow through…part way is just not enough

letter sealed with wax stamp

I recently got a facebook message from my cousin asking if I’d mailed a check for something I had purchased from her shop when we were visiting out of town. I said, of course I had mailed it! I mean, I’m organized.

3 simple tips to having a better day

The times I’m late & frazzled are the times when I think I can get so much more done than I have time for. Just one more load of wash, one more email, tweet an oh so witty observation, run just one quick errand before I have to be somewhere.


A few weeks ago, I used the word ‘purge’ with a client. Her reaction – and I may not have noticed if I hadn’t sensed some inner conflict going on – was illuminating. It was a combination of a lip curl, a nose wrinkle and an arm crossing.