Scaling Down: Living Large In A Smaller Space

Just read this book by Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker.  Excellent.  As a professional organizer, I applaud everything in this book, and as someone who lives in a 1945 house

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Anyone who knows me knows that I love marketing and social economics. And I’d love to write really intelligently and concisely on this exact subject. But then there’s someone else

Club Organize and other teaching stuff . . .

The NAPO Nashville board met this morning to review our upcoming Club Organize. The event takes place on March 13th & 14th at Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin. This

direct link to not getting phone books Here’s the link to getting out of the deliveries of the phone books – a direct link rather than the blog post I posted earlier. I’ve been registered now.

twitter thoughts

I recently got a twitter account and I’m not sure what to make of it.  I decided to follow a few people and see what happens.  Being kind of a


I finally got a twitter account and have decided to go ahead and see what it can do. I’m just fascinated by the interactions of those who really embrace technology

hosting the NAWBO organizing panel today

Today I moderated a panel of some of my favorite other Professional Organizers at NAWBO. It was our monthly luncheon and while I know tons about organizing, I realize that

feeling out of sorts

My husband recently took a new position with a great company called Conservation Services Group. They do home energy audits and other energy related things, and recently took a contract