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Top 5 ways getting organized can save you money!

I’ve been helping people get organized since 2006 and in that time, my clients have shared with me how much money they’ve saved (or found!) because of working with me. They’ve realized that they are not only gaining peace of mind but their wallets are happier too.

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Create work life balance with help from others.

I never realized how much I was a control freak until I decided to hire. My company, a fresh space, has been growing for a while and now has several employees. And I was doing everything except having any time for myself and my family.

Get organized for summer camps!

Brrr. It’s still cold out there and already the flyers are coming home for summer camps and activities. Yikes! The end of school will be here before you know it. But have no fear…some planning and organizing now will save you some stress and panic when school lets out.

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The Nashville Mom guest post: Apps to help you get organized!

Recently I wrote a guest post for Lindsey at The Nashville Mom, a super fun site about being a mom (or dad) in Nashville. Thinking about the moms I know and the moms I work with, there’s a recurring theme that I deal with frequently and that is using technology to manage their calendars and tasks.

Organizing Holiday Decorations

Six tips for organizing holiday decorations!

Well, the holidays are upon us and my guess is that by now you’ve hauled out all of your boxes and bags full of ornaments, lawn decor, lights, wrapping paper and more! How did that go for you?

Seasonal closet tips with!

I recently had the opportunity to chat with about seasonal closet rotation and tips on how to make the most of your transition to fall & winter with your wardrobe!

Do you have too many shoes? Maybe….

Can you ever have too many shoes (or here in Nashville, too many boots)? That depends. As a Professional Organizer I almost feel obligated to encourage paring down and letting go. But, honestly, I love shoes.

An Organized Transition Into Summer…

By setting aside a little extra time now with help from some of the tips below, you can achieve a fresh space to enjoy all  summer. If your goals are to have more leisure time, hang out with family and friends, and feel productive without all of the strings attached, then this is for you!