Going green & getting organized with Chico Bags

ChicoBag Reusable Shopping Bags have been a long time favorite of mine. I’ve been using them for years to grocery shop, go to the farmers market, picnics, etc. I often get asked about them so I thought I’d do a post I could direct people to. What I love about them is:

Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations From A Mom

Did you know that 61% of people in the WORLD have cell phones? They probably have bad manners too (and don’t even know it). Is there hope for us? Yes. Michelle Cimino, author of “Cell Phone Etiquette, Observations from a Mom” has the humorous way to show you how to save face while keeping in touch.

Organizing lessons From The Nashville Flood of 2010

Many of you may have heard of the “great Nashville flood” we had in our area recently.  While I was personally very lucky (only lost some plants and had some water in the crawl space), there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Middle Tennessee that lost possessions, houses, and in some cases, their lives.

NAPO Nashville gives back…and I get to rumble in the toy closet!

If you know any Professional Organizers, you know we are all about helping other – or we wouldn’t be in this business.  NAPO Nashville members are partnering with the YWCA this Saturday, May 15th, to help them achieve their goal of helping victims of domestic violence. 

Organizing Tools On The Web

Allen from Jibidee did a great presentation at the NAPO 2010 Conference about organizing tools on the web. Thought I’d share his tips here:

Embrace Your Clutter. . .Release The Guilt

A lot of my clients have a lot of stuff. Some are really motivated to let things go and lighten up their life. They see the benefits in having fewer possessions weighing them down – less to maintain – less to clean. But some of my clients really do love their stuff.