combining my blogs

I haven’t blogged in a while and, while I have been really busy with work, it’s really not an excuse. I realized that what was holding me back was the

having a goal in mind . . .

I met with a woman recently who wanted me to look at her office to give her an idea of what it would take to get it “organized”. It was

Memorabilia Mess

One of the things I run into with so many clients is what to do with all of the “stuff” of their lives. It’s old resumes, photos, report cards, ticket

adding to the chaos . . .

So we’ve moved into our little house (and I mean little) and we really love it. We got rid of tons of stuff and set the house up to be

tis the season . . .

for shopping, baking, wrapping, traveling, hosting, consuming, and more and more and more. Give some thought this holiday season to what will happen to all of the stuff after the

kids, Christmas and lots of stuff

It is such a tempation to buy lots of stuff for kids. I’ve been emailing back and forth today with my sister-in-law about Christmas. We’re spending it with them in