capsule wardrobe

A Fresh Version of the Capsule Wardrobe

We here at A Fresh Space work with clients in their closets on a regular basis. The usual purging of items that don’t fit or are outdated, grouping and color coding, adding matching hangers and baskets, etc.

adhd proof your schedule your schedule using trello

How to ADHD-Proof Your Schedule Using Trello – Guest Post

This post came across my Facebook feed right when I was working with a teen having ADHD. She was struggling with task management and while we had her physical space in good order, keeping up with school, activities and personal life was a challenge.

decluttered dining room

Top Reasons to Declutter Before You Move!

Moving can be one of the most stressful parts of life, and often we get focused on the bigger parts of the picture, or those parts that are more exciting such as house hunting or thinking about redecorating.

organized desk

9 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office – Guest Post

Organizing sounds hard—right? Who’s got the time, energy, money, and space to keep on top of paperwork, to-dos, tchotchkes, and more? Luckily, organization of your office doesn’t involve a ton of complicated steps or an investment of days and days—especially after you start fresh.

organized pantry shelf

5 Tips for an Organized Space – Guest Post

If you find yourself misplacing items, losing your keys or having a hard time staying organized, now is the time to establish order. When life gets chaotic, organization is your best defense.

final bike rack installed

Monkey Bar Storage – Bike Rack Review

I recently found myself in possession of a 4-bike storage rack from Monkey Bar Storage. Which was a fortuitous turn of events, because am also in possession of several bikes parked on the floor in my garage. And they are a frequent source of frustration.

kiva storage bins

Organizing Myth: Bins and Labels Make You Organized

Having a bunch of organizing products does not mean you are organized. It just means you have a lot of organizing products!

You know I love my organizing tools & products. Bins, drawer organizers, baskets, labels…it all makes me happy.

organized school supplies

Stock Up on School Supplies – The Organized Way

One of my favorite things to do when the school year starts is to stock up on school supplies when everything goes on sale. Usually right after you’ve spent a bundle filling the school supply list, every place drops the prices on all of that stuff sometimes up to 75%!

fridge organizing bins

Back To School: How to Organize Lunches Like a Pro

Are you frustrated with the scrambling in the morning trying to put together a healthy lunch? Get organized for back to school with an organized plan for school lunches! Here are some tips to help you make a plan to change that this year!