kids with cute clothes

5 simple rules for kids clothing….

My 9 year old daughter has a unique fashion sense. Always has. She’s also quite opinionated and, dare I say, obstinate? This has been going on since pretty much forever and we often butt heads over things.

faithful provisions home school logo

Organizing at Faithful Provisions: Home Schooling (part 1)

Kelly, at the fantastic frugal living site, Faithful Provisions, and I have teamed up to bring readers all sorts of organizing tips for several areas in the home including a home school set up, a home office, the kitchen and others.

How To Organize Your Chickens…Guest Post for Deb Lee @ Organize To Revitalize

Deb Lee, of Organize To Revitalize, has been fascinated by the fact that I have chickens, so when she needed a guest poster – guess who she emailed? Yes, me!  Getting chickens was part of a lifestyle choice for our family and one of the best decisions we made but it took some serious thought and some serious organizing to make it happen. 

labrador with dog pack

‘Where The Fack Is My Pack’ continues its journey . . . .

Delanie over at Write At The Moment had a serious ‘what the . . . ? ‘ moment recently when she unearthed an UNUSED dog backpack she’d had over 5 years.  While, as a professional organizer, this doesn’t really surprise me (oh my, if I shared some of the things I find with clients!)

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Applying Dave Ramsey to your task list . . .

I was chatting with Landon Loveall yesterday when we were doing an interview for his new referral network, 30Referrals (see the interview here), and the conversation turned to how many of my small business clients have multiple, ongoing projects that can get overwhelming.