NAPO Nashville gives back…and I get to rumble in the toy closet!

If you know any Professional Organizers, you know we are all about helping other – or we wouldn’t be in this business.  NAPO Nashville members are partnering with the YWCA this Saturday, May 15th, to help them achieve their goal of helping victims of domestic violence. 

Organizing Tools On The Web

Allen from Jibidee did a great presentation at the NAPO 2010 Conference about organizing tools on the web. Thought I’d share his tips here:

Embrace Your Clutter. . .Release The Guilt

A lot of my clients have a lot of stuff. Some are really motivated to let things go and lighten up their life. They see the benefits in having fewer possessions weighing them down – less to maintain – less to clean. But some of my clients really do love their stuff.

Organizing using wall space: basketballs & guitars

Every time I organize, there’s always oddball things that end up laying around in a playroom/bonus room/bedroom/wherever.  In my daughter’s room, these were her basketball and her guitar.  These are not easy things to keep in bins or on a shelf but they needed to go somewhere.

Mabel’s Labels :: Where Has The Internet Gone?

This post is my entry to Mabel’s Labels contest where, in 300 words or less, we respond to the following hypothetical situation:  Electrical storms are going to wipe out the internet (perhaps forever).

Dogs & home showings are a bad combination!

I love my dog.  She’s great.  Sweet, well mannered and not too smelly for a lab.  But come near my house, and all bets are off. 

You probably love your dog too. 

Organizing & 2 Hours . . .

Hiring anyone to come in and do a project in your home or business can sometimes be a difficult decision.  You ask yourself if it’s worth it, how long will it take and especially, how much it will cost.