Stinky smells in a home for sale & my quotes in The Tennessean yesterday . . .

I had a nice call last month from a local reporter doing a story about smells in a home for sale.  It’s a major concern in a lot of houses.  Smells are one of the biggest turn offs for so many buyers and one of the things that home owners rarely address primarily because, well, they don’t notice them.

Barbies, Legos & Crayons, Oh My!

Attack of the Runaway Playroom! Playrooms can be a fabulous part of your home, but for so many people, they can quickly become a nightmare. Kids aren’t naturally inclined to

Priority Setting: FREE Special Report!

Having trouble setting your priorities and getting things done? Get this FREE special report and use the 40+ tips from experts around the country (including me!). I was asked recently

Org Junkie “Command Central” Round Up

Org Junkie (one of my favorite bloggers) is doing a round up of “Command Central” ideas. I haven’t done a post on this recently so I thought I’d participate. It’s

No headboard in the Master Bedroom? Make One for under $50!

I often run into clients on a tight budget who want their house to look terrific when it sells (that’s why they hire me!).  But, as is so often the case, even while much of the house looks really nice, the master bedroom is the last place to get spruced up. 

Hiring a Professional Organizer as a gift.

Hiring A Professional Organizer as a gift… sometimes a great thing… sometimes not! Every once in a while I get a certain type of phone call from someone who wants