holiday party at Beth Haley Designs

Tuesday night, we headed out to East Nashville to Beth Haley Designs for a holiday gathering. Beth is not only a great interior designer, but lots of fun as well.

project folders save the day

Anyone that I’ve ever worked with in their office knows that I love project folders. I’ve had many clients say “well, I don’t have any projects”. Oh yes, you do.

staging vignettes

A lot of times when I look at staging a vacant house, it can get somewhat cost prohibitive to fully stage everything. The rule of thumb is to highlight the

freecycle – it works!

So we thought about having a rummage sale recently but we didn’t have a whole lot of stuff – and what we did have wasn’t really great. No furniture or

Free Shred Day in Williamson County

I’m in the middle of working with a client who had a lot of papers. These are papers from deceased relatives that are not longer needed. After we’d sorted and bagged/boxed up all of them, we had to decide what do with them.